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While we make music, using the latest forms, our parents consumed music in the traditional way: under the tent, with roasted lamb and pork, with galons of good and bad rakija, always cheep wine, in the agony and the ecstasy of dance called \\\\\\\"kolo\\\\\\\"... This is the music for them and us... today, but also tomorrow, for generations that will come and that will want to know who we are, how we love, why we are fighting for, what have we learned about faith (what about believes) and finally, are we better at the end of the road... Almost shizophrenic performance of folk, punk, hip-hop, electronic and tradicional music. A homage to everything that we are.

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Concerte in DOB, Belgrade 9.12.2012.

Bizar Bazar in concerte with Hornsman Coyote and Irie FM!

Video for the single

Filmed at locations Krvije village, municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi (Serbia), near the Neolithic settlement Belovode. Directed by: Pavle Vučković, Cinematography by: Lazar Bogdanović, Edited by: Andrijana Arsenijević, Costume design by: Magdalena Klašnja, Slađana Perić, Production of equipment by: Tanja Demić, Production: Collapse Films 2012

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